LSD Center Kantstraße

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Opening times:
Daily 9.30 – 0.30 am
Cinema Area (Cruising) open daily from 9.30 – 23.30 pm.
Phone.: +49-30- 31012918

On about 300 square meters, we offer everything you desire.

The cruising landscape consists of two cinema areas, once hetero and once for gays, as well as a darkroom, vending machines, with cold and hot drinks are also available.
In the shop you´ll find 8 additional 8 cabins with a coin slot, here you can choose between 128
Programs, from 1 Euro.


A wide range of products awaits you:
Men’s Clothing, Women’s Lingerie, Varnish, Leather, Latex. Generous range of sex toys, dildos, lubes, massage oils, condoms (also latex free) aphrodisiacs, There is also a wide selection Hardecore DVD’s and magazines.

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