LSD Bismarckstraße

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Opening Times:
Daily 9:30 – 24:00 Hrs
Cinema Area (Cruising) daily open from 9:30 – 23:00 Hrs
Phone. +49-30-31013336

On about 450 square meters, we offer a world of erotic entertainment and sex toys.
There is a disabled toilet.

The cruising landscape consists of two cinema areas, once hetero and once for gays, as well as two darkrooms!

We offer vending machines, with cold and hot drinks available.
In the shop are additional 10 cabins with coin slots, here you can choose between 500 channels, from 1 Euro, these are individually controllable (still, rewind, forward etc)
One of them is suitable for wheelchair users.

A wide range of products awaits you:

Men’s Clothing, Ladies lingerie, vinyl, leather, latex.

We offer a wide range of Sex Toys, Dildos, Lubricants, Massage Oils, Condoms (Latex Free) and Aphrodisiacs,

There is also a wide selection of hardcore DVD’s, magazines and a movie rental of the latest blockbuster movies as well as an erotic rental service.

LSD, Bismarckstr. 74/75
10627 Berlin


Opening Times: Daily 9.30 – 0.30 am

The Cinema Area (Cruising) is opened daily from 9.30 – 23.30 pm.
Day Ticket: 12 € for 24 Hrs.
Season ticket: 100 € = 10 x free entrance Discount 2 € per visit

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